Month: March 2012

Iran’s Nuclear Rubicon

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Clear analysis on Iran’s nuclear program is surprisingly difficult to find, and misperceptions are common. Among these misconceptions is that a metaphorical clock is ticking down, and if Iran’s nuclear program is not halted soon the country will field nuclear weapons. But while Israel’s government speaks of a clock it appears for the current U.S. administration the preferred analogy is that of Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon. Iran’s nuclear program can be thought of as two parts. The first part, which is indeed nearly completed, is centered around manufacturing fissionable materials that could power a nuclear reactor. The second is utilizing that infrastructure to create much more refined, weapon’s grade materials. Similar to the crossing of the Rubicon River being Caesar’s point of no return, where he was committed to the overthrow of the Roman Republic, the initiation of weapon’s grade material production would commit Iran to fielding nuclear weapons and leave behind any pretences of a peaceful nuclear energy program.