Month: September 2012

Ill Winds Blowing

ICangles Investment Post…

The potential for global unrest upsetting financial markets is rising. From the Middle East to Asia ill winds are blowing. Last week in addressing the United Nations Israel’s prime minister drew a red line threatening military action if Iran produces weapons grade materials for a nuclear bomb. This corroborated my March blog post “Iran’s Nuclear Rubicon” where I argued fears over a military strike on Iran this year were unwarranted, as such action was unlikely until Iran crossed the red line or Rubicon of assembling weapons grade materials. My Iran mollification, along with my prediction from my March 2011 post “Forecasting the Reckoning” that risks in China were unlikely to occur until after that government’s 2012 power transfer should be of lesser comfort as 2012 moves into the rear view mirror and time passes. Looking around the world, global pressures are building and the risks of events negatively impacting financial markets is rising.