Month: January 2016

Worth Reading 1.24.16

I.C. Angles Investment Post…

A few articles making the point of why investors might worry that something worse than a simple stock market correction is brewing….

Is this a Bear Market?

Weekend Reading: The Bear Awakens

Soon Comes the Deluge

An Imminent Likelihood of a Recession

Meet the Man Who Predicted the Chinese Economic Collapse


Selling the Brand

I.C. Angles Communications Post…

Branding an organization, or in the case of my work with Molecular Imprints rebranding a company, can deliver important benefits. A new logo, visual style guide and website are a nice start, but particularly for deep technology, business-to-business companies that’s not even close to enough. A new brand needs to match new messaging and positioning, which are then integrated with communications outreach, in order to reshape how influencers, customers and potential partners view a company. In the case of Molecular Imprints, comprehensive rebranding helped position the company for an important customer deal and the ultimate acquisition of its semiconductor business unit by a partner in that deal and one of Japan’s leading companies, Canon.


How IR Drove KLA-Tencor from Laggard to Leader

I.C. Angles Communications Post…

Improving investor communications can drive multiple expansion. Oftentimes the impact of better IR is hard to measure, but sometimes the benefit is clear cut. The latter was the case with one of my first consulting clients, for whom I leveraged my investment buy-side experience on behalf. When I came to KLA-Tencor, one of the leaders in the semiconductor industry, the company was suffering from a lower valuation than peers, due largely to a lack of communications in general and a compelling investment story in particular. But obvious and not-so-obvious elements were present to turn things around, and move them from a laggard to a leader — not just in their investor relations program, but also with respect to their relative stock valuation. And that was exactly what we did.


A Perfect Pitch Can Make for a Business Media Miracle

ICangles Communications Post…

A small French technology company was responsible for one of my most difficult communications consulting challenges. They wanted to see an article about themselves in a leading American business media publication, like Forbes, Fortune or the Wall Street Journal. Realizing that goal, wasn’t going to be easy. Not only were they not an American company, but they also weren’t listed on a U.S. stock exchange. So, I couldn’t pitch them as being of interest to readers, because they could buy the stock, or as some interesting made in America story of entrepreneurship or innovation. What’s more, the nature of their business and technology was also an obstacle. The company, Soitec, manufactured silicon on insulator (SOI) wafers for the semiconductor industry. Engineered materials utilized in the semiconductor manufacturing process aren’t exactly the type of topic most Americans frequently discuss amongst themselves, even those inclined to talk about business issues.