Month: December 2015

Worth Reading 12.27.15

A few articles highlighting market risk after the Fed’s move…

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The Perils of Fed Gradualism

Reversing the Speculative Effect of QE Overnight

Big Change in Risk Perceptions


Maximizing Media Coverage in Deep Tech

Part Three: From Bundling to a Bundle

For the USB and IoT announcements, the Synopsys product teams had been willing to answer my oftentimes probing questions, collaborate in developing story angles that would be of interest to the editors, and speak to issues that might not be their top priority with an editorial community that has different priorities. Maximizing coverage required not just a spirit of partnership between myself and a product team, as well as the in-house PR team. It also required understanding we have an external partnership with the media, where we need to balance the message we want to communicate to customers, with the interests of the readership editors are serving. But sometimes, internal priorities take precedent over external considerations, and in the third quarter of 2015 that was going to necessitate a bundle of coordination, with some other announcements.


Maximizing Media Coverage in Deep Tech

Part Two: What’s New in IoT

On its face an announcement on a new product portfolio from a leading technology company, addressing the hot topic of the Internet of Things, should be an easy story to garner interest. And the truth was I could easily have gotten a lot of briefings for them from editors and analysts. But briefings don’t always translate into coverage, and those influencers were going to ask the same question I was asking right out of the gate. “What is new here?” It turns out several products in the announcement were “new.” But I pressed, what is new here, in terms of new for editors and analysts, i.e. we have not publicly announced it before? In terms of products the answer now became there was no new product that hadn’t been announced in the past few months. That was going to be our big obstacle.


Maximizing Media Coverage in Deep Tech

Part One: Connectivity Communications

Maximizing publicity around announcements in the technology industry, requires more than just regurgitating to editors why a company thinks their announcement is important, and then leveraging media relationships to schedule some interviews in the hope of an ensuing wave of coverage. To positively shape perceptions, to the greatest degree possible with a savvy customer base, requires some strategic thinking and tactical creativity. In the recent third quarter of 2015, I helped Synopsys, the leading semiconductor design and IP company, to blitz the trade media with more stories from a single company than they probably wanted to hear. But by creatively tailoring our announcements to topics of interest to their readership, we achieved extensive coverage. And first up for some creative thinking in Q3, was connectivity.


A Wobbly Rally

I.C. Angles Investment Post…

At the end of October the stock market put in a double-bottom from the sell off that began in August, and has since managed to reclaim most of its lost ground. Although not yet able to challenge the market highs, the S&P 500 index is back to the sideways channel established over most of the year. But this is hardly reason to celebrate. The rally may have made up most of the lost ground from a terrible August, but this has been a very ugly rally that gives a lot of reason for concern about the future prospects of a stock market that is looking increasingly wobbly.