Looking Toppy

I.C. Angles Investment Post

Following are four charts that point to an economy and stock market that may be topping.

Sales growth reminiscent of last recession….


Courtesy of Alhambra Investment Partners

“Aggregate Demands Shocking Lack of Demand”

Weak sales leading to inventory buildup similar to last recession….


Courtesy of Wolf Street

“Something Rotten is Piling Up in this Economy”

Weakening economy leading to downward earnings estimates revisions….


Courtesy of MarketWatch

“Enjoy this Earnings Season because the First Quarter Looks Ugly”

Stock market margin debt looking like it is topping out in manner preceding previous market falls….

NYSE-margin-debt-SPX-since-1995 FEB 2015

Courtesy Dshort

“NYSE Margin Debt Little Changed in December”


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